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Financial security is not just about how much is in your retirement plan, it includes consideration of current and future cash flow, income tax, estate planning and risk issues that can be addressed by insurance. A financial adviser/coach makes it simpler to keep the big picture in view while helping place the pieces of the puzzle together.

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A new look at estate planning

Estate planning is defined among financial professionals as the “organizing of one’s affairs to distribute the assets tax effectively.” The question however is: Should the assets be distributed? Is it…

Wealth vs. Prosperity

Wealth Vs Prosperity

We hear a lot about wealth; it’s the devotion to wealth that keeps our banks and money managers.…wealthy; wealth management, growing wealth, protecting wealth.  Prosperity on the other hand is…

The Logo

The Logo There is a story, quoted in James E Hughes “Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family” that I like. Marshall Lyautey, was one of Napoleon’s greatest generals. General…



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