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Peter Brown is the driving force behind the company and its ideology. Peter Brown’s forty years of experience in finance and business operations encompasses a wide range from public and corporate accounting, to franchising and business start-up consulting, negotiating business alliances on behalf of clients, personal financial planning and advice.

Peter Brown

Peter Brown Copper Beech CoAn entrepreneur and angel investor himself, Peter Brown uses his first-hand experience to help fellow business owners and executives overcome obstacles and plan for the future. With over 30 years of experience Peter has a working knowledge of a wide range of business challenges and strategies.

Peter owns and operates Copper Beech Company and coaches’ business owners and members of business families in goal setting and execution, business transition and other family business matters.

Peter’s extensive financial and business knowledge allows him to understand and communicate the complexities faced by individuals and business managers in today’s economy. His experience, both locally and internationally provides a foundation that grants him an original view of opportunities and a resourceful response to problems.

Peter earned his C.A. designation in 1977 from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants. He has rounded out his financial profile with courses in human relations, arbitration and mediation. Through the Family Firm Institute Peter achieved a certificate as a family business advisor and achieved a Master Business Coach designation through Fowler International School of Business and Executive Coaching