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A new look at estate planning

Estate planning is defined among financial professionals as the “organizing of one’s affairs to distribute the assets tax effectively.” The question however is: Should the assets be distributed? Is it a better idea to organize one’s affairs so that the assets can best benefit future generations and the community as a block of assets? It…
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Planning for Family Wealth Transfer

We seem to be hearing less about the coming transfer of wealth from the senior generation to the next generation, I think the baby boomers got tired of talking about it. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen and smart money (that is long term, generational money) stewards are still contemplating how this transfer…
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The tortoise, the hare and financial planning - Copper Beech Co.

The tortoise, the hare and financial planning

The value of regular savings was illustrated some years ago when an elderly gentleman came into my office and told me how he turned a bad habit into a small fortune. “Harold” worked in a plant for 30 years. He retired in 1990. He quit smoking in 1960. The week he quit smoking, he went…
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Financial Planning with Parents in Mind - Copper Beech Co.

Financial planning with parents in mind

Increasingly in client meetings, the discussion of plans for parents comes to the surface. It usually centres on how to factor needs and finances of the parents into the financial plans of the baby boomers who are now approaching retirement themselves. It’s an emotional subject and, sadly, often avoided until a crisis occurs. That is…
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The misconception of fixed income investments

The misconceptions of fixed income investments

Ralph and Alice sat in front of me fidgeting. Obviously, they needed to talk about something that was bothering them. “We were at a party last week,” Ralph offered, “and a friend told us he was moving all his investments to fixed income to protect his capital. What do you think?” “Well, Ralph,” I replied.…
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Would I like to retire at some point?

A good definition of retirement is working because you want to work, not because you have to work. A well planned “retirement” gives you options. The goal should be to have choice and control. Asking the question “Would I like to retire at some point?” starts you thinking about the answers and planning to achieve…
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You Should Allocate Your Insurance Budget Based on Risks You Face

Jack and Jill had returned to my office to talk about insurance and they had brought their spouses, Jane and Dick. Our discussion a couple of weeks ago had triggered questions about what insurance they should have and I had suggested that this was a discussion that should involve their spouses. “As you know” I…
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Life Insurance is a Valuable Financial Tool as a Business Transitions from one Generation to the Next

Jack and his sister Jill sat in front of me looking expectant. Jack still had the bandages on his head from the nasty fall he had taken a couple of weeks ago, Jill showed signs that she had taken a tumble too. Jack and Jill were planning on buying their parents out of the family…
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Wealth Vs Prosperity

Wealth vs. Prosperity

We hear a lot about wealth; it’s the devotion to wealth that keeps our banks and money managers.…wealthy; wealth management, growing wealth, protecting wealth.  Prosperity on the other hand is an overlooked concept. Very few business owners want wealth for the sake of wealth. Most, when they have time to think about it, are more…
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The Logo

The Logo There is a story, quoted in James E Hughes “Family Wealth: Keeping It in the Family” that I like. Marshall Lyautey, was one of Napoleon’s greatest generals. General Lyautey was famous for having the most beautiful gardens in France. One day as he and his head gardener were looking over the estate and…
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