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“The goal of coaching is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” -Harvard Business Review

At Copper Beech Company, we believe that planning for the future helps create the future you want. Through business coaching we help clients identify goals and we care about the results our clients achieve. Whether the goals are improving financial position, growing the business, transitioning management and ownership. Helping Clarify goals, plan the route and holding the client accountable for achieving the milestones along the way is how we bring value to the engagement.


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Wealth vs. Prosperity

Wealth Vs Prosperity

We hear a lot about wealth; it’s the devotion to wealth that keeps our banks and money managers.…wealthy; wealth management, growing wealth, protecting wealth.  Prosperity on the other hand is…

The Boss Died, Now What?

Judith watched in disbelief as the paramedics wheeled the stretcher carrying Fred’s body past her office. A distraught Emily, Fred’s wife, followed, supported by Al, Fred’s partner in the business….

Leadership in the Family

Authority and control exercised by a leader can serve to constrain the team members or provide guidance and direction through what I call strategic leadership. Family business management operates at…

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