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Family Business advising (8)

You should structure a family business to ensure that the health of both the business and the family relationships are honoured. Family businesses have unique nuances, needs and goals. Copper Beech Co. specializes in helping family businesses thrive.

A family business is defined as any business that is owned and actively managed by more than one member of a family. As soon as you bring someone into the business, even on a part-time basis, who is also a family member – you have created a family business.

A family business advisor will help the business leaders grow the company to ensure its long-term health and sustainability while navigating and honouring the family’s emotional connections, needs and goals. Copper Beech Co. specializes in helping family businesses balance the business dynamics with the familial relationships and needs.

A family business differs from other types of businesses because they are more emotionally complex. A non-family business can make very difficult business decisions and discipline or part ways with employees if they feel it will be better for the business. Family businesses are still faced with the same difficult situations but, the family relationship extends beyond the business. Copper Beech Co. knows how to help family businesses protect both the business and the family with strong strategy and communication.

You know your family business needs a family business advisor when you are faced with issues that may include sibling rivalry, succession planning decisions, family employment policies, divorce, non-family influences or disagreements as to company direction. Copper Beech Co. has helped many family businesses work through these business issues.

A family business has special issues because there are deeper commitments and emotions intertwined with the operational and strategic business decisions. Family businesses also differ because non-family employees do not have the same growth opportunities. Copper Beech Co. will help you parse out these different issues and to develop a strategy for business growth and personal peace and happiness.

A family business can ruin a family if the natural power dynamics and control issues that exist in all companies is allowed to seep into the family dynamics. Family businesses who work with Copper Beech Co. are better able to protect their business and their family from stress and loss.  Copper Beech Co. helps family businesses plan for growth and happiness.

A family business coach can help with strategic planning and succession. Family businesses who proactively work with Copper Beech Co. can enjoy all that they’ve built, emotionally and financially. The family businesses who work with Copper Beech Co. also see their legacy live on as future generations work in and grow with the businesses they’ve created.