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Executive Team Coaching (7)

You can get your executive team to work better together by hiring a business coach who knows how to work with groups of business leaders to reach a common goal. Copper Beech Co. has worked with many executive teams to help them work for effectively together to help the company succeed.

Executive leadership coaching is the process of developing you and your team as leaders with unlimited potential for business growth and success. Copper Beech Co. will develop an executive coaching program to help your leadership team align with your company’s purpose and business goals.

An executive coach will act as a sounding board and guide to help your company’s leaders gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their growth potential, and work more effectively with each other and the people they lead. Copper Beech Co. will spend the time to understand your company and your leadership team to develop a growth plan.

The benefits of executive coaching include faster, stronger business growth, better responsiveness to market demands and customer needs, and a more harmonious and fulfilling work environment. As the labour market gets tighter, having strong leaders in your company will make you employer of choice and Copper Beech Co. can help your executive team become leaders people want to learn from. Your company will attract great business talent.

Executive coaching works by contacting peter@copperbeechco.com to discuss your company, your executive team and your business goals. Copper Beech Co. will work with your executive team in regular facilitated group meetings and one-to-one coaching sessions to help your team’s development align with your strategic objectives.

There is a return on investment for executive coaching. The International Coach Federation (ICF) reports that coaching usually has a return on investment of between $4 and $8 for every dollar invested. Copper Beech Co.’s business coaching clients consistently report that the money they invested in our coaching services was returned to them swiftly, helping them become more profitable.

The time required for your executive team to engage in coaching activities will vary with your goals and schedule. Copper Beech Co. usually recommends your executive team work with us as a group once a quarter for one half-day session and that each of your executive team members work with us one on one for one hour a quarter.


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