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Replace your job with a small business

Less Jobs more costs

Is it time to replace your job with a small business? Recently, as I waited for my guest at a restaurant, I checked the LinkedIn news feed on my phone and found the top three stories: Bank of Montreal announces the lay-off of 5% of its global workforce Groceries to cost the average Canadian 2…
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Business Owners Dilemma

George stirred his coffee idly, “This time last year I was in Florida” he said. The business owner was sitting in front of me as we concluded our lunch meeting. “I remember we were having terrible weather, rain and cold…I recall thinking ‘I gave up a week at the office for this’” I smiled and…
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Future Entrepreneurs - Summer Company

Future of Entrepreneurs

For many years I have been volunteering at a program called Summer Company. This program, sponsored by the Province of Ontario and managed by the City of Niagara Falls, allows students the opportunity to run their own business for a summer. One stipulation is that the “entrepreneur” must be returning to school in September, either…
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Fear : Loss of Wealth

I often talk to new clients about three fears that govern the actions of business owners everywhere. The fears are: Loss of Wealth Loss of Control Family Conflict These fears are largely intertwined but any one can be an over-riding factor that stops business leaders and their relatives from working on a transition plan. The…
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