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Why do business leaders join a mastermind group?

There are a number of reasons business leaders join a peer group, networking with other business leaders is one. Having a place to meet other people, your peers, who know the stresses and strains of running a business can be very helpful in times when you need to vent or share ideas. It’s also great…
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The Pause Opportunity

My first business was a thriving public accounting office, built over 5 years. A young friend of mine was struggling to pass his final exams to qualify as a chartered accountant (CPA). I invited him to join my business where he would get a broader range of experience than he was getting from a national…
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Replace your job with a small business

Less Jobs more costs

Is it time to replace your job with a small business? Recently, as I waited for my guest at a restaurant, I checked the LinkedIn news feed on my phone and found the top three stories: Bank of Montreal announces the lay-off of 5% of its global workforce Groceries to cost the average Canadian 2…
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Case Study - Seasonal Manufacturing

Case Study – Seasonal Manufacturing

Paul is the CEO of a manufacturing company that produces a seasonal product. At the time of year when production is low (the 3 summer months) the factory operates at about 70% capacity. At the CEO meeting going into the summer, Paul reported this fact in the opening check-in, expecting it to be acknowledged politely…
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The Twilight Zone of Our Bureaucracy

Picture if you will: a woman, working in a stainless-steel kitchen, working with butter, infusing it with herbs and packaging it in small, stylish packages for sale in specialty stores and at farmers markets under the label Gourmet Butter. An agent of the government walks in “I’m closing you down because you are making butter…
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Planning for Family Wealth Transfer

We seem to be hearing less about the coming transfer of wealth from the senior generation to the next generation, I think the baby boomers got tired of talking about it. That doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen and smart money (that is long term, generational money) stewards are still contemplating how this transfer…
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Who is the Future You

A key when I’m coaching somebody is to establish the goal or goals (maximum 3) that they want to achieve. Defining those goals is very hard for many. I asked my psychologist brother why this seems to be so difficult and his response surprised me…until I thought about it. “Its hard for a person to…
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Business Owners Dilemma

George stirred his coffee idly, “This time last year I was in Florida” he said. The business owner was sitting in front of me as we concluded our lunch meeting. “I remember we were having terrible weather, rain and cold…I recall thinking ‘I gave up a week at the office for this’” I smiled and…
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How to define fairness in Business - Copper Beech Co

How Do You Define Fairness?

I was distressed this summer by the federal government’s announced plans to change the income tax rules to eliminate the “unfair tax advantages” received by business owners. Distressed enough to write to the Minister of Finance and ask him how the government defined fairness; (I have not received a response yet). Was there a formula…
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The tortoise, the hare and financial planning - Copper Beech Co.

The tortoise, the hare and financial planning

The value of regular savings was illustrated some years ago when an elderly gentleman came into my office and told me how he turned a bad habit into a small fortune. “Harold” worked in a plant for 30 years. He retired in 1990. He quit smoking in 1960. The week he quit smoking, he went…
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