About Us

Our mission is to get business and professional families to think in 100 year time frames.

We do this to educate families in how to help individual members of the family live comfortable, fulfilling lives and teach them how to use the financial tools available to assist in achieving the goal of happy family members for generations to come.

If you have found this website hopefully you are interested in establishing a culture in your family that will allow the family to preserve and grow wealth for the next 100 years.

We believe the following axioms to be true and they form the basis of our work and drive the discussion on our blog which we hope you will find informative and entertaining.

To grow wealth a family must be entrepreneurial.

The point of wealth is to help family members lead fulfilling lives. Financial capital is only part of family wealth. Individual members of the family represent the important human capital, what they know (and can contribute to family decision making) represents the intellectual capital and what the family and its members do in the community represents the social or civic capital.

Our background is financial and business, we understand the value of strategic planning in a business; we know how a long term investment plan should be developed, and how to build a portfolio. We also understand how to effectively use life insurance as part of an estate plan, a tax shelter and a liquidity plan. We have, however, realized that taken outside the context of the family, wealth conservation and growth over generations, financial tools such as life insurance and pension plans are just commodities, purchased without realizing the full value of what they can do for the business family.

Peter Brown, C.A., CFP, CLU

Peter Brown - 30 years of experience

Peter Brown is the driving force behind the company and its ideology. Peter Brown’s thirty years of experience in finance and business operations encompasses a wide range from public and corporate accounting, to franchising and business start-up consulting, negotiating business alliances on behalf of clients, personal financial planning and advice.

Peter earned his C.A. designation in 1977 from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, his Certified Financial Planners designation in 1998 from the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada and his Chartered Life Underwriter designation in 2004 from the CLU Institute. He has rounded out his financial profile with courses in human relations, arbitration and mediation. As part of an ongoing commitment to education Peter is currently enrolled in the program of the Family Firm Institute which will lead to a certificate as a family business advisor.

Peter’s extensive financial and business knowledge allows him to understand and communicate the complexities faced by individuals and business managers in today’s economy. His experience, both locally and internationally provides a foundation that grants him an original view of opportunities and a resourceful response to problems.