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Changing the Guard

Anne and I came home from our round the world trip in 1979 with $300 in traveller’s cheques and a $270 Visa bill, net worth thirty bucks (but it was all in cash). I secured a line of credit for $3,000 and I started my own business, a public accounting office. The first thing I…
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Monsters Among Us

I was born in Oslo. In recent years I’ve grown to know and admire the city I left as a small child. I have travelled the world in my adult life, seen every continent except Africa (it’s on the list) and enjoyed the people and the variety of cultures that give richness to life, around…
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Blog Start

This is my first blog, I have thought about internet commerce for some time now and, after listening to Mitch Joel’s audio book “Six Pixels of Separation”, I have finally decided to jump in. Thank you Mr. Joel While my background as an accountant is in finance and business and more recently in personal financial…
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