Copper Beech Company Inc. works with your other advisors including lawyers, accountants and financial advisors to help you develop plans for your family's prosperity.

It is something that must be done by a multi-disciplined team under the direction of an experienced professional advisor.

Through a network of other advisors Copper Beech Company Inc. can introduce professionals in additional disciplines such as business valuation as required.

In detailing our services, we've taken an approach that we think you'll find valuable through the following Q and A.

Do your heirs know the rules for stepping into the company?

Copper Beech Co can help you and the family develop rules that facilitate communication within the family.

Our work helps your family establish the rules that are clear, fair and accepted by family members.

If someone in your family chooses not to join the business can they still be in the family?

There can be roles for family members who are not in the business, including organizing family meetings and over-seeing family charity planning. Copper Beech Co can help you cultivate plans that help non-business family members feel part of the family and contribute to family prosperity.

Have you creditor protected your legacy?

In Canada there are fundamental actions business owners can take to protect the legacy that the family has built in case external or internal forces result in financial difficulties in the business or with individual members of the family.

At Copper Beech Co. protecting the economic assets of client families and their businesses is a priority.

What do your heirs want to do with their lives?

The foundation of family prosperity is family members living fulfilling lives; education, inter-family communication and understanding the role of the family in the member's lives help family members pursue fulfilling lives with confidence. Copper Beech Co. can show family members how tools work that help with goal setting, communication through family meetings, establishing a family charter and planning for family members education.

How many pay cheques until you retire?

If you take a paycheque twice per month, and you would like to step back from the business in 5 years you have 120 paycheques between you and retirement. What is your paycheque number?

Copper Beech Co can help you plan your transition; show you tax effective ways to diversify your financial assets to reduce your reliance on the company. Not only is this sound business practice, it also reduces your reliance on selling the business to fund retirement, improving your negotiating position if you are selling to buyers outside the family. If you are selling to family members you will be able to extend more generous terms of sale without excessive risk to your financial position.