What's important to family business owners? What keeps them up at night and prevents them from starting the business succession process?

We work with clients to address three fears common to many business owners as they approach the need to change or transition and preserve their legacy.

Copper Beech Co. is dedicated to help you with the following:

Fear of losing control: Running a successful business is a lifestyle as much as it is a career. Handing the decision making over to someone, particularly an adult child can cause fear and resentment.

Fear of losing wealth: After a life time of hard work, risk taking and building a successful business the business owners' financial wealth is often concentrated in the business. Handing over control can bring questions around "how do we ensure our financial security in retirement?"

Fear of family conflict: Love and money, two of humanity's most explosive subjects are underlying factors in business transition. Who takes over the business? How do we deal with the difference between fair and equal? How do we approach questions of in-law participation?

Between not knowing where to start and avoiding these fears, procrastinating becomes the default decision, it's not a wonder that over 50 per cent of owner managed businesses have not started any kind of succession planning.

Studies show that over 80 per cent of business owners would like to keep the business in the family. The process used by Copper Beech Company shows you first if you should keep the business in the family and, if you should, how to successfully address the three fears and give the family the best chance for a prosperous future.

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Friday, November 24, 2017 - 13:08

I was distressed this summer by the federal government’s announced plans to change the income tax rules to eliminate the “unfair tax advantages” received by business owners. Distressed enough to write to the Minister of Finance and ask him how the government defined fairness; (I have not received a response yet). Was there a formula known in Ottawa that had escaped my attention? How did indexed defined benefit pensions enjoyed by the bureaucrats developing this “tax fairness” legislation weigh in the formula?

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In my role as a small business consultant with the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, I look to match professional resources with the needs of business owners and founders. I have known Peter Brown for many years and consider him a valuable member of my resource network.

Peter is one of those resourceful, knowledgeable professionals with a keen interest in helping business owners and their families succeed. Peter is one of those people I refer owners to when it comes to business succession or transition.

He is a C.A. and Certified Financial Planner - a combination that makes him a valuable resource for business owners. Moreover, he is an “entrepreneur”.

Steve Dalton